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Analysis by Canine Profile: Behaviour, Personality and Tendencies 

Click on the links that most closely resemble your dog's personality, behaviour and/or tendencies. The link will bring  you to the most likely scenario for a dog with that tendency.

My dog is friendly, outgoing and will readily approach a stranger.

My dog is Shy.

My dog is an escape artist but loves people.

My dog is an escape artist and is really a loner when it comes to people.

My tiny dog is not afraid of anything and I live in a rural area.

My dog is aloof or reserved with strangers.

My dog was not feeling well before she went missing.

My dog is very curious and we have a hazardous nuisance nearby.

My dog loves to ride in cars and vehicles.

My dog was found stray before I adopted her from a rescue or shelter.

My dog loves to chase deer, squirrel, game.

Profile & Analysis by breed

My dog has been through obedience training.

My dog is a puppy mill survivor.

My dog is timid and can be skittish.


Analysis by Breed or Type 

Please note: Not all breeds are represented in this component. The breeds specifically targeted here are those that due to genetic or predisposition have been found to exhibit common characteristics. If your dog's breed is not featured here... plea utilize the Behaviour and Personality component. 

Click on the links that most closely resemble your dog's breed or type. If your dog is a cross breed, take into consideration the breed or breeds he most closely resembles. The link will bring  you to a breed and type specific page or to the most likely scenario for the behavior tendency and breed.

My Yorkie is missing!

My English or French bulldog disappeared.

I can't find my Pug.

My dog is one of the breeds listed below and she is missing.

German Shepherd, German Shepherd cross, Beagle, Border Collie, Boxer, Miniature Pinscher, Australian Shepherd, Catahoula hound, Shihtzu, shy Yorkshire Terrier, shy Chihuahua, Siberian Husky, husky cross, Coonhound, Jack Russell Terrier, Bloodhound, German Shorthair Pointer, Basset Hound, Shetland Sheepdog, Greyhound, Whippet, Italian Greyhound, Dachshund, Terrier or is crossed with any of the above.

Some breeds are prone to roaming behavior due to personality and type.

At first we did everything wrong...

"I take a certain measure of pride for doing things in a practical and reasonable way, but the ways in which I tried to search for our dogs certainly were not. I relied on little more than old wive's tales on how to search for pets. I was fortunate to have found you & the ways that you suggested we look for our lost family members made sense." J Ashcroft Norman, OK.


My Shihtzu is GONE.

My Min Pin escaped.

My dachshund scampered away.

My shy herding dog is missing.

My Chihuahua is missing

My sight hound is missing.

I can't find my poodle.

My hound or hound cross is missing.

My hunting dog is missing.


Analysis by Missing Event, Leads and/or Environment 

Click on the links that most closely resemble the situation in which your dog went missing. Environmental factors as well as leads, clues and sightings are also important factors when deciding upon your recovery strategy. Each link will bring you to the most likely scenario for a dog in the situation expressed.

My dog went missing from a place other than her home.

I think someone took my dog.

My dog is missing... No sightings... No leads

My dog is missing and I am concerned about coyotes and predators.

My dog went missing from the vet, groomer or sitter.

My dog got out but I think someone may have picked her up off the street.

My dog is missing and I am concerned because my family, friend or neighbor does not like him.

My dog went missing at night and he may have had an accident.

My sightings and leads are coming from all over the place(1).

Someone saw a car stop and pick up my dog.

My dog was tied and the lead and snap are still intact.

My sightings and leads are coming from all over the place(2).

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